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The EldoradO is a legendary place where there would be huge amounts of gold and precious stones, as well as ancient esoteric knowledge. In this place, located beyond the known world, the material needs are satisfied and humans live in peace with each other, enjoying life.

We are an innovative company that has decided to invest resources and all our will in a project in which we constantly believe every day: to propose in Italy and Europe jewels of the best brand in a Responsive Web Design way.

On EldoradO you can easily buy from your sofa or from wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet: the purchasing process is fast and secure. You can easily pay by credit card, PayPal, American Express, VISA or bank transfer. After placing your order, you are informed about the status of the shipment and you can track your choice to the place of delivery you've established.
Moreover, with only one purchase, you can be the hero of our contest YouEldoradO, becoming the testimonial of the EldoradO Jewels in Italy and Europe.
We sell jewels, watches and accessories of brands like Morellato, Just Cavalli, Sector and Philip Watch at competitive prices and with free shipping on orders over € 89.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on EldoradO Customer Service.

EldoradO S.r.l.S. - Via Roma, 28 - 61020 Auditore (PU), | P.iva 02560250413 |, business register number, tax code and VAT number 02560250413
License from Police Headquartes of PESARO E URBINO nr.22/Cat.14E/Div.P.A.S.I./14 | c.s. € 2.000,00 i.v.
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