Collection: Men's Necklaces

A necklace can define a man’s style

The men’s necklace is a controversial and fascinating accessory. Not always loved by the male universe, when it is chosen, however, it is sure to be worn. Whether it is flaunted and proudly displayed with an open shirt; or whether it is more discreet, under a t-shirt, almost kept as a little secret. This is where the different proposals for men’s necklaces come from, ranging from more irreverent and massive chains to thin wires often decorated and made unique by pendants.

The quintessential men’s steel necklace is free of frills and finds its maximum characterization in the construction of the chain: the links are now thin and in polished steel, now oversize and in satin-finished steel, perhaps scratched to give a vintage touch. And to keep up with the trends, the men’s necklace in IP gold colored steel is a must-have for a perfect street style.

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